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PARTICIPATORY WISDOM: Social Applications Embodying Collective Wisdom

“In a certain sense, we may let the process of evolution act within us in a holistic way, especially in meditative states of consciousness, and in the highest intensity of life, in love.” -Erick Jantsch, The Self-Organizing Universe

“Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is most deep in themselves.” -Teihard de Chardin

A New Beginning

A group of spirit-based somatic educators, action-research scientists, scholars and performing artists have formed a unique alliance with an evolutionary agent, Steve Bhaerman (our beloved Swami Beyondananda), who is also a political scientist and comedian. His website is, www.wakeuplaughing.com.

We came together, in ceremony, on Easter weekend, April 14-16, 2006 to originate a new synthesis which will be the foundation for a fully dynamic participatory educational process which is contemplative, pleasurable, entertaining, and evolutionary.

We envision this project as an ongoing context of evolutionary learning, regeneration and celebration by which a new spirit-based, scientific participatory knowledge system will come into being.


The Easter weekend ceremonial is designed as an emergent synergistic process of discovery and engagement. Through a sequence of embodiment processes and theoretical presentations, Steve and Swami will be introduced to the underpinnings of The Harmonic Continuum participatory knowledge system.

The overarching intention is to weave together the physical protocol, the language to describe it and make it come to life, and to find ways to add music, dance, art, comedy and laughter so we “en-joy” the evolutionary journey and share our enjoyment in new and novel social engagement configurations.

The Harmonic Continuum Events

The Harmonic Continuum ceremonials and learning modules will introduce a somatic evolutionary learning process that is fully participatory. This process, which engages the innate intelligence and wisdom governing the organism and psyche as a whole, provides a locus for exploring, in celebration, new social applications embodying collective wisdom.

Part of the “celebratory” nature of the Harmonic Continuum will be shared acknowledgement of efficacy of the actual practices, which are easy to learn and perform, and bring immediate positive benefit. It is our intention to design “edutainment” programs, utilizing technology and media that will radiate out and reach many people, transforming humans from the inside-out and top-down.

Initially, a traveling road show which can be replicated, will introduce the Harmonic Continuum. The ‘show’ will be a weekend experience, with ceremonies and learning modules. The Harmonic Continuum website will have streaming video, practice instructions, instructional dvd’s and books for sale, papers and links. One of those links will be to web TV.

The film, “What the Bleep do we know?*!!!”, was a clear indicator that many people are wanting to know more about the relationship between the process of embodiment, quantum physics, spirituality and sociocultural evolution. Film is definitely a major consideration.

As the Harmonic Continuum starts becoming popularized in the culture-at-large, simultaneous events will be held for collectively focusing our species’ morphic potentials in specific ways. There will also be an ongoing sense of radical altruism which brings to light the natural qualities of genuine care and concern embodied in the Social Engagement System’s nurturing wisdom.


Harmonic Convergence was one of the greatest collective spiritual events in modern history. It was a ceremony binding “Aboriginal continuity” and “civilization advance” within the evolutionary vision of co-evolutionary symbiosis with our host-body, the planetary entity. Millions of people from every walk of life participated in the ceremonies world-wide and many more were aware of it. It galvanized the spirit, heart and imagination of many, to evolve in the direction of collective potentiality and responsibility. http://www.experiencefestival.com/ harmonic_convergence

The vision of THE HARMONIC CONTINUUM arose out of an intense desire on the part of Lorin Kiely to nurture a context which would popularize the recent new understanding of the Social Engagement System and accelerate its embodied integration within the naturally occurring field-like intelligence that is the collective wisdom, Social Engagement System - body of our humanity.

Lorin has developed a user-friendly system of self-regulation which yogically awakens the Social Engagement System toward optimal functioning. www.topdownyoga.50megs.com

Beyond this, he recognized the need for integrating these natural laws of ‘governance’ with other correlative embodiment practices, and within the larger context of scientific, spiritual and sociocultural evolution. These notions are the cornerstone of the envisioned new participatory knowledge system.

Dear Friends:

At a time when awakening and consciousness must necessarily play a part in the spiritual, political, ecological and economic transformation of the planet, the most useful thing we can have is a simple and effective tool to put us in our "highest mind" in the course of daily living. Lorin Kiely has developed an elegant process for doing just that which he calls "Top-Down Yoga." Top Down Yoga -- called that because it involves subtle and powerful exercises done "from the neck up" -- activates what Dr. Stephen Porges calls the "Social Engagement System," the most advanced of all our human "brains." Not only does this system allow us to "read" the facial expressions and other subtle cues in human communication, but it is the gateway to the kinds of deep meditations and spiritual abilities that have been the province of yogis and other spiritual adepts. The beauty of Top Down Yoga is that anyone can learn to do it, and anyone can benefit.

In order to share these practices with people worldwide – and positively impact the entire human "field" on the planet -- Lorin envisions what he calls the Harmonic Continuum as an ongoing context for embodying these practices so that we fulfill our true "human potential."

Based on the highly-successful and powerful meditations done nearly 20 years ago as part of the Harmonic Convergence, these simple embodiment practices offer a new way to impact the "morphic field" and the coherence of human consciousness. We envision Harmonic Continuum celebratory events which teach these new practices in the context of music, comedy and other performance. In a series of simulcast events, we seek to teach individuals the art of self-regulation which transforms our dis-ease and awakens what is most primary -- "loving love and being in the service of life."

This new "technology" is not part of any "church" or organization such as TM, or part of some multi-level commercial venture, but an effective practice that is given to the world to use freely.

As Lorin will probably tell you himself, he learned and used these techniques to heal completely from a devastating auto accident. He recently presented Top Down Yoga at a small group retreat, and the work was very well received. I found that doing these deceptively simple practices just a couple of times, relieved some low back and knee problems I was having, and added to my general well-being and clarity. I have now integrated the work into my daily practice, and am finding continuing benefits.

Lorin has been given this "gift" to share, and to do so he needs to have the resources to develop the media and teaching tools to gain maximum credibility. I highly recommend his work, and support him in his quest to bring this work to millions worldwide.

Steve Bhaerman
Aka Swami Beyondananda, www.wakeuplaughing.com




The term emergent evolution is defined as an “evolution conceived as characterized by the appearance of different levels of wholly new and unpredictable characters or qualities (as life and consciousness) through a rearrangement of pre-existing entities (or component parts).

“As early as the 19th Century, the French naturalist, Jean Baptiste de Lamark
postulated a ‘natural tendency’ toward developmental progress in nature, energized by what he called the “power of life.” It involved the idea that living matter has an inherent developmental energy. http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/history/lamarck.

Beginning with the very origins of the universe, synergy has played a key role at every level of living organization and evolution.” Co-operative interactions among various component ‘parts’ are essential for autocatalytic evolutionary development in living systems. “Synergistic functional effects have been of decisive importance as causal agents in evolution. It is of interest to note that, Manfred Eigen and Peter Schuster and associates developed a case for the proposition that autocatalysis (self-regulation in embodiment) and self-organization (evolutionary learning) were prior to mutations (indeed, prior to genes) and were therefore more fundamental sources of innovation in the formative stages of evolution.” -Peter Corning

“The New Physics is more mystical then what you will hear in any Sunday sermon. Science is on as much of a spiritual journey as we in the monastery.”
Fr Thomas Keating at a Mind and Life Dialogue with HH The Dalai Lama

Recent new understandings in the frontiers of Energy medicine point to the synergistic potentiality and functional neuroanatomical continuity between the ancient ‘body’ consciousness, which predates the brain and nervous system, and the newest, most evolutionary advanced component of the autonomic nervous system, the Social Engagement System. This interrelationship is a natural pattern of synergy in the self-organization dynamics of ‘open’ (dissipative) living (autopoeitic or self-creating) systems. From atom, to molecule, to cell and so on, up to the human, and now, the species-typical, component ‘parts’ form into new, more complex functional wholes. These wholes have novel qualities that could not be predicted by analyzing the sum of the parts. But the leap, from individual, to species-level intelligence, is a meta-evolutionary leap, similar in scope to the leap from single cell to multi-cellular organisms, for it is a leap beyond the physical eye and the mind that is our nervous system, into love.

“The ‘mind’ as revealed by neurochemistry is a whole-body phenomenon”. Candace Pert http://www.scimednet.org/library/reviewsN66+/N68Emotion.htm

Instantaneous, whole-body ‘communication’ in the primordial system of the living matrix is regulated by ‘peptide’ information “messenger molecules.” This ancient ‘body’ consciousness is the original mode of communication in multi-cellular organisms. The ‘brain’ consciousness functions differently. Neural operations are sequential and linear in their organization of perception and meaning. In the newest and most evolutionary advanced component of the autonomic nervous system, the Social Engagement System, “communication” is regulated by another ‘family’ of information “messenger molecules”, neuropeptides. Thus, the ancient, primary and the newest, most evolutionary advanced components of the somatic continuum form a seamless intercommunication network embodying new synergistic properties.

“It seems that all unitary experiences-ranging from mild aesthetic experiences such as watching a beautiful sunset to the most profound states that may occur only after years of meditation-may have their basis in neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and the flux of neurotransmitters.” Andrew Newberg

The synergistic dynamic of the Social Engagement System is playing a decisive role in determining the destiny of the human species. http://www.citeulike.org/tag/neuropeptides
The evolutionary vision of “collectively” awakening to the coherent functional potentialities and co-operative properties of a superorganism, is not a fairy tale.

It is bioeconomically rational. www.complexsystems.org/ If the ‘economics’ - functional synergies of the species-potential are aligned with the evolutionary mainstream, then the ‘political’ (cybernetic) mechanisms for governance will reflect that same level of consistency. http://www.collectivewisdominitiative.org/papers/glover_callingout.htm

As a Self-organizing system in its own “rite”, humanity stands at the threshold of an evolutionary leap as significant as the transition from single cell to multi-cellular organisms. There is an innate pattern of natural evolutionary process that is consistent at every level of life.

Evolutionary ‘wise’ thinking follows this pattern of co-operative synergy. Self-regulation (autocatalysis) is the process of optimizing participation in the actual evolutionary process. Self-regulation, which is autocatalytic, is how we participate in enhancing the co-operative synergy of the ancient primordial ‘body’ consciousness, with the most evolutionary advanced component of human embodiment.

Rhythmic entrainment of simple motor behaviors performed sitting in a chair, standing or lying down, and mini naps for a few minutes at a time in between, generates a synergistic functional change in neuroanatomical continuity that is integrated into long-term memory. One does not have to be a scientist to understand how this works, nor a yogi to participate in bringing it to life.





“Unless bodies lose their corporeal state and unless bodies assume again their corporeal state, that which is desired will not be attained.” ~ Byzantine fragment, The Philosophical Egg

We are truly psychophysical beings, composed of bodymind and spirit, but even those who grasp the holistic concept often fail to live it from the heart. Arguably, Carl Jung was among the first to apply the recognized concepts of physical energy to show that libido, or psychic energy obeys the same laws and is not only analogous, but identical. Psychophysical and emotional energy is associated with instinctual biological drives.

CREATIVE PHYSICS is based in the negentropic reality of Zero-Point Energy as a new paradigm from which to create human survival technologies to carry us into the future. The Void underlying matter is actually a Plenum. The groundstate of physics, virtual photon fluctuation of the vacuum potential promises a new era, a move away from mechanomics to a more user- and earth--friendly model and lifestyle.

All models of reality are “soft” technologies, but our beliefs and worldview condition the reality we experience. Spiritual technologies, such as yoga, energy medicine, and meditation are among the oldest of human technologies. We can use them for self-care and self-regulation. We can take a time out each day to recalibrate and reboot our mindbody systems, as an antidote to the stress of modern life and our intimate contribution to the evolution of mankind.

The primordial ‘body’ consciousness

“There is a ‘consciousness’ residing in the cellular level and extracellular matrixes found throughout the human body. The “living matrix” is a continuous, global or whole-person system that predates the nervous and hormonal systems in terms of evolutionary history. The relationship of the matrix to the nervous system is that the nervous system is actually composed of this primordial system. The matrix reaches every portion of the organism that is reached by the nerves, and the matrix also reaches places where nerves and capillaries do not reach.”

"The matrices within and between the cells in the human body, collectively called the living matrix, give rise to the primordial and evolutionarily ancient form of intelligence or consciousness that predates the nervous system. The living matrix is the molecular system that is the actual biophysical locus of the so-called subconscious, unconscious and intuitive processes described in the psychological literature."
Jim Oschman, Evolution of the Intelligent Body

The Social Engagement System

“Social bonds are scientifically described as a powerful form of learning regulated by long-lasting changes in the endocrine system and brain.” Dr Jim Oschman www.zerotothree.org/vol24-5ccx.pdf

“The Polyvagal Theory proposes that the evolution of the mammalian autonomic nervous system provides the neurophysiological substrates for the emotional experiences and affective processes that are the major components of social behavior. The evolution of the nervous system determines the range of emotional expression, quality of communication and the ability to regulate bodily and behavioral states. The polyvagal theory links the evolution of the autonomic nervous system to affective experience, emotional expression, facial gestures, vocal communication and contingent social behavior. Thus, the theory provides a plausible explanation of social, emotional and communication behaviors and disorders. The theory also provides an explanation of stress-related responses.

The polyvagal construct was introduced to emphasize and document the neurophysiological and neuroanatomical distinction between two branches of the tenth cranial nerve (vagus) and to propose that each vagal branch is associated with a different adaptive behavioral strategy. The vagus nerve, a primary component of the autonomic nervous system, exits the brainstem and has branches that regulate the striated muscles of the head and face (e.g. facial muscles, eyelids, middle-ear muscles, larynx, pharynx, muscles of mastication) and in several visceral organs (e.g. heart and gut).

“The mammalian vagus, the Xth cranial nerve, is neuroanatomically linked to the cranial nerves that regulate social engagement via facial expression and vocalization. As the autonomic nervous system changed through the process of evolution, so did the interplay between the autonomic nervous system and the other physiological systems that respond to stressful challenges, including the cortex, the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, the neuropeptides of oxytocin and vasopressin, and the immune system. From this phylogenetic orientation, the polyvagal theory proposes a biological basis for social behavior and an intervention strategy to enhance positive social behavior.”

The heart determines the availability of the metabolic resources required for mobilization, as well as for growth and restoration. To regulate cardiac output, several efferent structures have evolved.” Dr. Stephen Porges

The Vagal Brake Mudra

One of the crown jewels of the Social Engagement System is its capacity to regulate cardiac output, to biologically and psychically de-couple from engagement with phenomena, and neurochemically modulate self-soothing behavior and calm behavioral states. This intuitive procedure is performed by regulating the muscles involved with eye movement. It awakens the master switch for autonomic self-regulation, for mood stabilization and reconfiguration, restoration and regeneration. The vagal brake mudra empowers the individual to modulate their autonomic state and transform stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD at the root level of formative causation. This exercise can be performed sitting in a chair, or standing.

“The vagal brake provides a neural mechanism to rapidly change visceral state by slowing or speeding the heart rate: Neurophysiologically, the vagal brake provides a mechanism to support the metabolic requirements for mobilization and communication behaviors. By functionally modulating the visceral state. The vagal brake, enables the individual to rapidly engage and disengage objects and other individuals and to promote (regulate) self-soothing behaviors and calm behavioral states. ”Dr.StephenPorges http://www.education.umd.edu/Depts/.Porges/.index/spinner/polyvag/polyvag2.htm

“The term Polyvagal is used to emphasize the neurophysiological and neuroanatomical distinction between two branches of the vagus nerve. The vagus, a primary component of the autonomic nervous system, exits the brainstem and has branches that regulate structures in the head (e.g., larynx) and in several visceral organs (e.g., heart, gut). The Theory proposes that the different branches are related to unique adaptive behavioral strategies. The Theory articulates three documented phylogenetic stages in the development of our autonomic nervous system. These stages reflect the emergence of three distinct subsystems, which are phylogenetically ordered and behaviorally linked to communication (e.g., facial expression, vocalization, listening), mobilization (e.g., fight-flight behaviors), and immobilization (e.g., behavioral shutdown, fainting). The most phylogenetically recent component, the communication system, is dependent upon the functioning of the "new" mammalian vagus. The mobilization system is dependent upon the functioning of the sympathetic nervous system. The most phylogenetically primitive component, the immobilization system, is dependent upon the unmyelinated vagus, which is shared with most vertebrates.” Dr. Stephen Porges http://www.stressrelease.info/artikler_eng.html

Biophysicst and leading proponent of the theory of quantum coherence in living organization, Dr. Mae Wan Ho, postulates that, "a pure coherent state for the entire system would be a many-mode quantum electrodynamical field with a collective phase over all modes. It may be attainable only under very exceptional circumstances, as during an aesthetic or religious experience when the ‘pure duration’ of the here and now becomes completely delocalized in the realm of no-time and no-space.”
-Mae Wan Ho,

Based on his own direct experience and observing others, Kiely suggests that the vagal brake mudra activates the ‘master’ switch by which the autonomic intelligence of the organism as a whole de-couples from its time and space binding modes of operation and enters into the quintessential resting phase of pure duration and restoration.

PULSATION, The language of the body

“Now I need to bring your attention to just how important pulsation is to being alive. When you use pulsation to talk to a body, you are using its own language. There is no distance between touch and response. Pulsation-and its effects on form-is the basic sign of life. No pulsation, no life. Moreover, pulsation is the means by which we make the body in the first place. If you haven’t had the opportunity before, take the time to watch a videotape of a zygote pulsing itself dynamically from one cell into two, two cells into four, and so on to the ten trillion cells that make up the body as an adult. This pulsation tells us that life is there (or was there, even after death, by its effects on form).

As the body grows and matures, pulsations continue to be the main engine of change in form and, by changing form, creating changes in function.” Julie Henderson http://www.zapchen.com/

Evolutionary Learning, or Time for a Nap

“Whenever we have done an exercise-any exercise at all-we need to take a little nap afterwards in order to let the body incorporate the learning that is potential in the exercise. Without this little respite, you have stress without learning. With napping, you learn faster, deeper, more stably, no matter what the activity.

This procedure of doing a bit and resting, doing and resting, and so on, turns out to be the process by which we stimulate transference of what we learn into long term memory. The shift to long term memory is mediated by a protein molecule called CREB (cyclic AMP response element binding protein) and what provokes it to do its job is the very doing and resting and doing and resting that we have emphasized.

We encourage learning that is associated with pleasurable states, teaching well-being from well-being, by induction, support and stabilization of progressive states of well-being. This style of learning we hope will draw you back into it and deeper into it over time. -Julie Henderson, Embodying Well-Being, or, How to Feel Good as You Can In Spite of Everything


“Humming touches us at every level of scale, from big, obvious structures like muscle and bone to structures so tiny we can only see them with a microscope. Humming is one of the few ways available to us of touching the very tiny structures deep inside and throughout any living body where information is produced and transmitted. Humming provides a subtle push and pull, a pulsatory tugging, on all bodily structures, even at very tiny levels of scale. By humming we can touch, stroke, vibrate, massage, re-arrange those structures where the information molecules are produced. All by ourselves, without any outside assistance or mechanical intervention, we can touch our own neurochemistry itself.

If we can touch our neurotransmitters appropriately and effectively with sound, we can alter their architecture slightly. Because they convey information by how they are shaped, if we alter their architecture, even slightly-and slightly is all that is necessary or helpful-we alter the information they transmit. Change the form and you change the information. Change the information and you change what you are telling yourself about how you are, how things are, what your experience is-inside and out. With practice, humming becomes the simplest, most direct and effective way we know of to change our neurochemistry and, therefore, our feelings and our familiar life stories about being.

As tiny as they seem, these unseeable inner changes do bubble up into larger physical, emotional, and social changes. Those changes touch others and come back to you.” Julie Henderson, The Hum Book


PLENUM PARADIGM: Flux is the Language of the Cosmos

In the quantum world, everything is in self-organizing flux, including the subquantal virtual photons popping in and out of existence. The foamy Zero Point fluctuation of subspace perturbs and determines the behavior of quantum systems theoretically through radiant EM fields. Radiation is absorbed from the zero-point background. The stability of matter itself is mediated by the zero point fluctuation phenomena.

This hidden energy pool is invoked by new age physicists and healers as plenum physics (Comings; Miller). And EM fields that correlate with matter are claimed to act as morphogenetic fields, guiding the form, interaction and evolution of species (Sheldrake). Quantum and EM field interactions affect the health of the mindbody.

The gist of the holographic paradigm is that there is a fundamental reality that is an invisible flux not comprised of parts, but an inseparable interconnectedness. The holographic paradigm is one of reciprocal enfolding and unfolding of patterns of information. All potential information about the universe is holographically encoded in the spectrum of frequency patterns constantly bombarding us.

As Above; So Below

Mystics suggest even more subtle connections of soul and spirit through time and space, evolutionary intelligence. Even without a mystical approach, we can rest and refresh ourselves by aligning our intentionality with the very fabric of spacetime. Consciously participating in this universal process helps heal and integrate our mindbodies, psyche and matter. We can learn to self-soothe cumulative daily irritations by practicing self-regulation.

Cosmos resonates within each of us, but we have lost touch with that due to electromagnetic pollution and the distracting demands of modern life. But we can rediscover this integral context in which we are embedded as a field of timeless, radiant abundance. It is plausible that spacetime is a plenum rather than an empty vacuum. It abides not just outside us in the depths of space but within the fabric of our being.

We are pulsating dynamos of cells, organs, and dynamic systems. We can learn to wrap our minds experientially around this quantum reality that we are not separate from the ongoing process of creation, even if an energetic field of information defies detection. The source of creation always flows through rhythmic pulsation or waves of energy/matter, perhaps even dark matter.

Fields Within Fields of Light and Sound

In this dynamic model there are no “things”, just energetic events. Light and sound (acoustic cymatics) modulate all matter. This “holoflux” includes the ultimately flowing nature of what is, and all possible forms. All the objects of our world are three-dimensional images formed of standing and moving waves by electromagnetic and nuclear processes. This is the guiding matrix for self-assembly, and manipulating and organizing physical reality. It is how our DNA creates and projects our psychophysical structure.

Our brains mathematically construct ‘concrete’ reality by interpreting frequencies from another dimension. This information realm of meaningful, patterned primary reality transcends time and space. Thus, the brain is an embedded hologram, interpreting a holographic universe.

All existence consists of embedded holograms within holograms and their interrelatedness somehow gives rise to our existence and sensory images. When we embody this intimate wisdom, our bodies become temples of the living spirit.

Interference patterns of waves can be visualized interacting like ripples on a pond. At the quantum level they create matter and energy as we perceive them as lifelike 3-dimenional effects. Consciousness and matter share the same essence, differing by degrees of subtlety or density. There is a strong correlation between modulations of the brain’s EM field and consciousness (Persinger,1987; McFadden, 2002). The universe is a continuously evolving, interactively dynamic hologram.


“The interaction of our mind and consciousness with the quantum vacuum links us with other minds around us, as well as with the biosphere of the planet. It "opens" our mind to society, nature, and the universe. This openness has been known to mystics and sensitives, prophets and meta-physicians through the ages. But it has been denied by modern scientists and by those who took modern science to be the only way of comprehending reality.” -Ervin Laszlo

New physics, chaos theory, synergetics, and information theory describe our existence as complex dynamical systems. Entropy can only occur in a system that is absolutely closed so no energy from outside can be fed into it. But the mindbody is an open system, which exchanges energy and information with its environment and can be negentropic.

We can also have a negentropic influence on one another (Gladwell), perturbing, enlarging, creating new pathways and possibilities. Theoretically, behavior can ripple outward until a critical mass or "tipping point" is reached, changing the world. Gladwell's thesis that ideas, products, messages and behaviors "spread just like viruses do" remains a metaphor. Yet, highly sociable or connective people often become revolutionary leaders, bringing others together with a new perspective, a broadened worldview.

Life includes chaos and order, good and bad experiences, even catastrophes that require us to adapt or die. The important thing is how we meet and react to chaos, finding ways to replenish our depletion. Observation of the subquantal domain reveals an inexhaustible realm of negentropy from which we can draw our psychophysical sustenance. When healthy, our entire system is designed to reduce entropy, in different scales and domains.

We live in a persistent delusion of separateness. However, we are all nonlocally connected in an ill-defined yet tangible way at the subatomic, individual, group and global level, connecting and diverging. Psychic energy or libido is a psychosomatic phenomenon analogous to the paradoxical nature of energy/matter or wave/particle. The human body is not an object in space, but seamlessly welded to spacetime. We are not merely a phenomenal body of flesh, but one of awareness, of consciousness, a living interface of inner and outer field phenomena.

We all experience visceral or gut reactions and know instinctively how our mental states affect our physical vitality, and vice versa. But often we loose the intimate relationship with our mindbody, with the source of our being, our aliveness, our passions, our self-expression and self-image. If we experience this flow at all, it ebbs and flows away. Our individual and collective creative potential remains largely unrealized.

How often do we pay attention to those vital signs, the innate wisdom of the body, inhabiting our minds rather than our flesh? We are increasingly not instinctual, but cultural, and we choose many of our behaviors for good or ill. Most of us are, indeed, "sick and tired" of the way things are, but what do we do to change them and ourselves?

We can learn simple techniques for self-care and self-regulation, such as biofeedback, yoga, and meditation. Creativity, as an activity in several fields, brings many intrinsic health-promoting rewards. We can create new habits to help us cope with technocratic society that tone or recalibrate our systems and change our physical state. We all have to learn how to deal with personal and/or global catastrophe whether we want to or not.

This dance is a harmonic continuum from the smallest to the largest scales, permeating all domains of assembly and observation: subquantum, quantum, molecular, chemical, even cultural, global, and cosmological. The evolution of our dynamic system obeys universal laws. Likewise our behaviors flow into manifestation from our beliefs, thoughts and emotions, including our self-image.

By opening to system dynamics we can reorganize away from the entropic, reductionistic, destructive habit patterns that plague our species. We can make stress-reducing negentropic choices for structural and psychological adjustment, which improve our quality of life. Integration is a synergistic process rooted in primordial bodymind consciousness.

The brain is not confined to our skull, but permeates our whole being through the intracellular matrix and sensory system, as well as the strong EM fields generated by the beating heart. Research suggests activities in the brain may be pre-conditioned by the DC field of the organism (Oschmann; Becker). Our molecular system extends beyond the nervous system and is the bedrock of intuitive, subconscious and unconscious processes.

SOMA SOPHIA: Body Wisdom and Golden Flesh

"The borders of our minds are ever shifting and many minds can flow into one another ... and create or reveal a single mind, a single energy" ~ William Butler Yeats

Do we actively value our psychic well being, our totality, psyche and substance? Are we living soulful, artful lives? Do we nourish our whole selves with self-love? Do we take the time to care for our body or deny it, drive it relentlessly like our servant, or treat it like a machine? Do we attend to our inner world of waking images and dreams? Can we come to our senses, deepening the quality and intensity of embodied experience?

Our felt-sense is our wise intuitive response if we but listen. It brings meaning and value to life. What is your body trying to tell you? The body has a mind of its own and speaks that mind in gut reactions, body language, psychosomatics, and literal symptoms.

Both the alternative health fields and mindbody psychologies such as the humanistic, Jungian and transpersonal psychologies have sought the triple union of body, soul, and spirit much like the medieval alchemists. But only a fusion of those approaches can manifest the union of opposites in the golden flesh. We can learn to care for our mindbodies in new ways from the inside out, conceptually and experientially.

To truly nourish ourselves holistically we have to address the manifest needs of mental and physical well-being. Consciousness may have a direct effect on the subatomic particles of the body, especially those within the brain. A tiny change within the open system of the brain, for example, can result in a vast change to the overall health of the body because of amplification through feedback loops. Nonlinearity exists at many scales.

A dynamic combination of focus, concentration and flow undergirds our conscious existence and how we relate to others and the world. In meditation and holistic mindbody therapies, such as biofeedback, Tai Chi or Top-Down Yoga, we intentionally create dynamic changes in our psychophysiology. We temporarily drop our identification with the body only to reinhabit it with even more awareness or mindfulness. This is the artful life; creative fulfillment of our collective destiny.

We can use the wisdom of the bodymind to face stress, pain, loss, illness, even catastrophe. Creative transformation of our instinctive reactions produces the alchemical "gold", whether we call that essence health, creativity, art, flow, inspiration or wisdom. Lifeforce is found within; psychic sustenance is found within. Once the mindbody connects with Source, all of our self-expression becomes soulful. We truly embody spirit.

We can return to Nature and our own nature, collectively preparing a paradigm shift for a new shared reality and trajectory that integrates physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual coherence. The silent frictionless flow of living intelligence is beyond words and conceptual constructs. We are a process of recursive self-generation. This continuum, which is our groundstate or creative Source, is directly discoverable in the immediacy of the emergent embodied moment.

We are each a temple of living light.



-Mark Comings http://www.zeropoint.ca/markcomings.htm



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