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A Sane Reaction to an Insane World or a Skeptical Alternative?

NowHere - The Paranoia Party

In the world of New Speak, where black means white and white means black, many have lost their capacity for trust and optimism in the political process, realizing the omnipresence of hidden forces in that realm and others. Adherents of neither party, believing that both are controlled by elitists and corpoglomerates, we might call them adherents of the PARANOIA PARTY. Other members enter the paranoia portal through willing or unwilling experiences of High Weirdness - what they take as otherworldly or supernatural occurances.

The sociopolitical part of this party doesn't accept glib promises of "hope" or "change" and contines to "look behind the curtain" for the usual controllers of calculated meta-transition, beyond the oscillations of the political left and right.

Political paranoids follow the money, watch every appointment with skepticism, and never forget the erosions of civil rights that have already taken place and are yet to be rolled back. The esoteric PARAnoids have unthinkable explanations, difficult for the unintiated to wrap their minds around. Either the plutocrasy is in control, or no one (chaos) is in control, or the Aliens are in control. More likely, there are numerous contending factions in complex dynamic interaction.

Ideosyncratic Beliefs

The PARANOIA PARTY has no leaders and no official followers. This is not a unified party; sometimes it is a party of one with strictly ideosyncratic vision. Such beliefs have many variables, so eclectic approaches proliferate. Those that attract others, grow.

Deductive reasoning, influenced by fear or anxiety, leads to adoption of reasoning paradigms. Often, there is a mismatch between believability and validity. Some people have belief bias, a general tendency to confirm rather than falsify prior beliefs. When the process is unconscious, confabulation takes place.

We invent without realizing we are inventing, "filling in the gaps." Confabulation is the formation of false memories, perceptions or beliefs about yourself or the environment. It is a confusion of imagination and memory.

Some confabulation is fleeting, but it can also be provoked by persuasion, resonance, channeling, bizarre ideas and firm convictions. Actually, we operate in a variety of programmed trance states most of the time. They reduce or critical thinking and judgment while stimulating strong emotions and associations. Much of our self-knowledge about how we work is tacit knowledge, not articulated even to ourselves.

Contaminating Expectations

We confabulate to some extent all the time but sometimes the beliefs or narratives become fixed, true of not. Spontaneous confabulation is common in hypnosis and it can easily be induced. Pseudomemory often comes up in regressions. Under hypnosis, the confabulating subject proceeds with utter confidence.

We confabulate when we don't know the answer, in the face of Mystery. How we know what we know is always expressed as a metaphor. Personal beliefs, desires, scripts, and worldview are involved.

Self Affirmation

We can not only believe our own confabulations, we are prone to buy into those of others or traditional belief systems. In today's spiritual supermarket, there are myriad forms and rites to chose from for a personalistic eclectic mix. When it comes to beliefs are we seeing truth or building confabulations? Often, it is impossible to distinguish.

Confabulations can be subtle or bizarre. We are never sure what is actually real so we confabulate and reality-check all the time. Denial derails our conscious reasoning and is related to compulsive behaviors. Confabulation is virtually indisinguishable from genuine metaphysical experience.


We can mistake our vitual reality for consensus reality or metaphysical Truth. This feedback works beter in some some indivduals than others. Beliefs emerge unconsciously from reality-based fantasies, the search for answers to eternal questions or gut-reactions to survival or existential crisis.

Self-Deception or Spirituality?

Ideas lead to beliefs based on symbol construction, simile and metaphor. For those who hold them, these virtual beliefs seem real and parts of them may be reality-based. Archetypes appear and reappear, assuring we rediscover the same core myths, over and over.

But when mythemes are unconsciously activated, it is almost impossible to see through them. Only parts of them are irrational, and in some cases we don't have enough information to know. Rituals reinforce beliefs.

False memories, alien abductions, ritualistic satanic abuse, reincarnation reports and retrospective falsification are labelled confabulation. But the jury is certainly out within the Paranoia Party on these subjective experiences and self-activating DNA, as it is on Targeted Individuals, chemtrails, and other social and political conspiracies.


Wishful & Fearful Reality Distortions

Paranoia is contagious in essence if not in content. It produces its own memes, its own propaganda, and its own analysis. Candidates for the Paranoia Party range from free-thinking Libertarians to Disclosure advocates, who insist that not only does the OILogarchy dictate all that transpires, "they" are in cahoots with one or several ALIEN NATIONS, from other dimensions or worlds.

Naturally, that agenda is indecipherable under any circumstances [if it exists at all] but curiously some welcome it, and consider what they call "Ascensionism" an ultimate evolutionary goal. It's tough for those not enraptured by this New Age meme to ascertain its philosophical difference from Christian fantasies of the Rapture.

The tenets of Ascensionism are a mash up of warmed-over Theosophy and mis-appropriations of New Physics. They qualify for the Paranoia Party, even if they think they are heartful ot fearful, because they are wildly distracted from the daily business of the Here and Now, already "alienated" from the mainstream. The Paranoia Party would call any attempt to dismiss or reduce their beliefs debunking, disinformation, or lack of first-hand experience.


The counterpoint is the emergence of a new class, a Creative Class based in the Knowledge Society, an emerging class of growing importance in the knowledge economy development. The creative class is emerging in both geographical and virtual regions, generating economic value with creative work

See: "The Rise of the Creative Class", published in 2002 by Richard Florida the book underline the role of the creative class in the changing scenario of production for enhancing the contemporary economical new uprising. They are closing the gap between science and art, grasping their entangled character.


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