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This may be it - humanity's last moment in the Sun, having done ourselves in...Not only is the climate collapsing, we are hastening it along electronically with ionospheric heaters:

Multiple tests by various different research groups shows that we are all being showered with E.L.F.'s (Extremely Low Frequencies). E.L.F.'s are deadly to any biological life form as they alter the normal frequency of that life form causing serious illness, including irrational thought, inability to concentrate, chronic fatigue and/or death.  These sprayings are also responsible for a massive decrease in the production of negative ions by the forests. This is eventually deadly for all biological life.

Interfering with this delicately balanced dynamic system could induce a catastrophic collapse, much like an avalanche.  Therefore, the potentials from so-called "ionospheric heaters" are truly frightening, for we have no idea what possibilities can emerge from long-term meddling with the sensitive balance of the ionosphere and global temperature, which is also linked to a world-wide oceanic pumping system whose source lies off Greenland.  As if the weather isn't disrupted enough from other human meddling and pollution, tampering with beam energy devices compounds the problem much further: 





No one would argue against the fact that Earth's climate is a complex dynamic of multiple factors, both known and unknown. Until recent times we believed in an evolutionary arc to the inhabitability of the planet's surface. But more recent research shows a history punctuated by a variety of cycles and even catastrophes, which contribute to massive extinctions. The eruption of a supervolcano, Toba, in Sumatra, around 74,000 years ago squeezed the human gene pool down to a population bottleneck of perhaps as little as 5-10,000 survivors by creating a volcanic winter. Clearly, we are in Nature's hands, and she is not always a kind mother.


Human beings have a propensity for setting Doomsdays and their optimistic counterparts. We've seen The Millennium, Harmonic Convergence, Comet Kohotek, and other portentious dates for Apocalypse Now come and go. Now the mytholization of the big event has been pushed back to 2012 in the popular imagination. The Maya knew that 2012 marks the end of one and beginning of another Precessional cycle of 25,765 - 26,000 years.

The precession of the equinoxes, zero-point of the cosmic clock, is caused by the differential gravitational forces of Sun and Moon (torque vector) on the gyroscopic Earth. The combined effects of the changing distance to the Sun, the precession of the Earth's axis, and the changing tilt of the Earth's axis redistribute the sunlight received by the Earth. The tilt of the Earth's axis affects the intensity of seasons.

The Milky Way Galaxy represented the Great Cosmic Mother from which all Life came. They saw our Galactic Mother stretching out across the night sky and somehow recognized the place where we all had come from. They recognized the great central bulge at Her center as the Cosmic Womb. Within the central bulge there is what looks like a dark corridor, known as the dark rift. The Maya called it the "birthing place".

2012 specifically points to a period of time when the December Solstice Sun aligns with and arises out from the backdrop of the dark rift, the "Galactic Birth Canal" in the central bulge. It's as if the Sun is actually being birthed anew from the Galactic Womb. If so, it's being reborn with an angry fit of manic depression in the process of a solar heating cycle.

We may have entered the cycle already. The Mayan calculation wasn't exact but targets a 20 year cycle of transition. According to the most recent astronomical calculations the Solstice Meridian actually coincided most precisely with the Galactic Equator between 1998 and 1999. The Millennium, which was considered an 'arbitrary' calculation may have thus been a better marker than the similarly-heralded Mayan date.



Why has climate become such a political and psychological hot potato? Don't believe either the Right or the Left on global warming? What if BOTH ARE TRUE, but potentiating an unstoppable 1500 yr. solar warming cycle that coincides with Stonehenge, Bronze age, Mayan drought, Dark Ages, Little Ice Age and more - influencing major epochs of civilization. Inside sources say the exact cycle is 1538 years. Whether we believe the Cassandras of pop culture, or not, there are sound scientific reasons to predict we are in for a bumpy ride in the near future. Early warning storms have already begun.

Only that number 1538 matches EVERYTHING, from astrophysics to cultural history and climatology. It only makes our efforts to control greenhouse gases MORE critical and necessary. Maybe that is why NASA is attempting to block solar melting of methane tundra, and explains the urgency of chemtrails and tiny sparkles.

Edward Teller, the real Dr. Stranglove, developed the seeding of thousands of tons of microparticles of aluminum in the upper atmosphere to try to increase the albedo reflectivity of the planet to avert global warming. This is only one attempt at geoengineering, whch is also one capacity of the HAARP Project and its sister ionospheric heaters around the globe.

But solar activity is the real problem. This cycle begins strong and abruptly and the rest is a 1500 year reverberation.

What's All the Flap About 2012?

This same cycle may have impacted the Maya. Do the math. Lots of people are predicting vast changes for the year 2012, but what about thinking just a little beyond that. How can we develop "2020 Vision" to make the best of an unavoidable situation? We have to widen our field of view from plausible if unlikely scenarios of meteorites or comets and pollution to grasp the Big Picture of Earth's climate in terms of deep time cycles.

To really comprehend just how delicately balanced our fragile planet is we need to consider the astrophysics converging on our region of space. Then it becomes easier to see how the slightest perturbations to our atmosphere can cause dramatic rifts in the course of our geophysical destiny. Many complex forces are already impacting the Earth, particularly our global weather patterns.

Galactic Cycles & Precession

Looking at the broadest scale, the solar system is passing through the densest portion of the Milky Way Galaxy, a roughly 30-million-year cycle. This dense molecular cloud and fluctuating galactic tidal forces of distant matter can destabilize comets in the Oort cloud and send them hurtling toward the planets and sun.

This rain of small comets called impact surges, (2/3 from disk tides and 1/3 from distant matter tides), is influential in the pulsing and advancing of ice sheets over millennia and implicated in mass extinctions. It affects the oceanic heat pump that acts as a global ocean conveyor. This salt pump moves warm water into northern climes, like the eastern seaboard and Europe, keeping them habitable, while cooling the tropics. Its collapse would mean that warm, salty Gulf Stream water would no longer move north, facilitating another Ice Age.

Solar Max and Minimum

The sun is warmer now than for the past 11,400 years.

Research has suggested that the sun itself has been in a heating cycle and may be a significant component in global warming, (1 degree F. per year since 1880). Limited results suggested the sun produced .05% more radiation per decade since the late ‘70s. The sun’s alleged increasing output means stronger solar winds sweeping across the upper atmosphere, exciting and ionizing it with charged particles. Sustained over decades it could lead to dramatic climate fluctuation, as in the historical past,

The big question is can we get through this cycle without a catastrophic 'die off' or another human Dark Age? Only time will tell, but we have new tools at our disposal for both prediction and attempts at prevention or survival. Vast extinctions are already underway in ocean life, plant and animal life that doesn't adapt to changing conditions.

3 x 1538 = 4614-2007 = {{{2607}}}


What's New with My Subject?

Cycles of global warming and cooling are not related in any significant way to the Precession of the Equinoxes. They are related to Earth's position in the galactic debris field.  We are in the debris plane for about 90,000years out of 100,000 and then just peek above or below by about 2 degrees of arc.

However, coincidentally, there is an amplification of the normal cycle around the Precessional year 2012, when several factors conspire to change the usual outcome in both directions - to potentially amplify or minimize it. 

The #1 effect of global warming will be the mutation of tropical diseases into deadlier forms as they move north.

The human race has an unprecedented chance to work knowledgeably within this deep time cycle to avert the final Ice Age of this great period, giving ourselves and the planet a balmier longterm forecast,  The peak of the hot/dry cycle which kicks off in 2010-2012 is in 2200, and recovery begins in 2310.

The salient thing about the onset of global warming is that it is always SUDDEN and powerful, like a single explosion that ehoes for 1537 years, gradually diminishing, but born in full force. Every third cycle is stronger. Changes in cultures like Stonehenge, Bronze Age and other unexplained gaps and leaps show a correlation to these cycle.

We know Stonehenge was laid out around 2500 BCE because the Solstice points align then. Stonehenge builders are considered "refugees fromthe east", but where in the East. A historical glance shows multiple stories dating around 2600 BCE, including the Biblical flood and te flowering of the cold stunted Indus Valley, Gilgamesh and Ur, with their celestial mathematics and fascination for planetary movements.

Loss of these ancient centers to technological dark ages relegated them to the world of myth until modern archaeology began finding their hidden remains and wondering at their accurate predictions and mathematics.

The transition from Mesolithic hunter-gatherers to the settled lifestyle of the Neolithic period seems revolutionary.  But the two periods are actually separated by nearly half a millennium of apparent emptiness in the archaeological evidence, from 4500 – 4000 BCE.  Another transition period happens between the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age, in the 7th-8th centuries BCE.  This emptiness in the historical record corresponds to the ‘darkness’ of more historical dark ages. http://www.darkage.fsnet.

Every 9th 1500 year cycle there is an extra kick due to Uranus and Neptune, which are very massive. The humongous mass of Jupiter is the lynchpin in the alignment process and the strength of its effects.  Not much has been done to revise or review data on solar system center of gravity whose movements contribute to sunspots, just the Earth-Moon cog almost certainly causes “earth-spots", i.e. terrestrial magnetic field, plate tectonics, volcanoes and quakes.

THIS alignment is the one – the ninth 250 year hot/dry spell is much more powerful.  It will start in earnest about January 2010 and coincide with the next solar peak.  Consider this a firm prediction – the interiors of all the continents will be desertified and moisture will be sequestered in the Antarctic icesheet. Temperature, while an issue, particularly in crop production, will take a backseat to the availability of pure water.  Warming will paradoxically lead to dramatic increase in Antarctic ice sheets, which may have already begun.
 Recent deformations of the deep continental root beneath southern Africa

"....If you want to think about reducing future climate change, you also have to be aware of greenhouse gases other than carbon dioxide, like methane and chlorofluorocarbons," said Schmidt. "It gives a more rounded view, and in the short-term, it may end up being more cost-efficient to reduce methane in the atmosphere than it is to reduce carbon dioxide..."

Carbon dioxide levels are about 400 ppm right now (2007).  When and if they rise to 700 ppm, the first big methane burst could occur.  Most likely the site would be the Bering shelf, which would trigger a whole series of releases.  This scenario can be prevented by removing as much methane ice as practicable from the Bering shelf on the north side of the Aleutians.  

This would short-circuit the methane runaway. Methane ice is a plausible alternative fuel, as well. Curiously, the Aleutians are a high gravity zone, an exception in that most of them occur in the 30n to 30s mountain ranges of the equatorial bulge zone. Methane from thawing tundra will also likely be mined for its energy potential and to prevent its escape into the atmosphere.

If this is not done, it won’t be the end of the world, but will precipitate a big 15 degree temperature spike, followed by a return to fairly normal conditions once the methane naturally clears the atmosphere in about 20 years.


A major stimulus for perturbation of Earth’s climate is the ordinary cycle of bunching of extra solar mass and its angle from galactic center.  Jupiter is usually the timer because it is the fastest moving of the massive planets. Change can be trigger early and massively in the cycle, or more gradually.

Nobody is looking into heliocentric/geocentric linkage.

Dalton Minnimum
heliocentric-as seen from sun  and geocentric-as seen from earth  were
geocentric: planets in line with galactic center AS VIEWED FROM EARTH,
265° celestial longitude--result is agitation of earth moon barycenter
and cooling due to vulcanism
heliocentric: planets aligned about 250-280 celestial longitude from
1800-1816- net effect cool sun, no sunspots. jupiter offsets through
most of period