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About Iona Miller, 2008

“And take upon's the mystery of things,
As if we were God's spies
.” (King Lear, Act V, Scene 1)

I guess I couldn't decide what to be when I grew up, so I chose All of the Above and became a TRANSDISCIPLINARIAN. I was inspired by Buckminster Fuller to be a generalist in natural philosophy, rather than a specialist.

Each of us is our own greatest creation, a frameless work of art. What doesn’t inspire the artistic eye that doesn’t merely “look at”, but “sees through” to the imaginal depth of any given perception or experience? The soul informs the multisensory experience of being. Inspiration means life, the opposite of death: purpose, direction, meaning, ecstasy, creativity.


The Story Behind My Sites: Ionatopia Web Presence

I'm a polymath and artist, but my medium tends to drift from psychotherapy and healing, to cutting edge science, and bleeding edge art. My interests flow from sacred geometry fine art to psychotronic technoshamanism, to ephemeral and online performance art. I write extensively on healing practices, advances in science, and the artistic and spiritual experience. Once in a while an angel visits with a brilliant idea that flows through with blissful fluency.

My expertise is in creativity and extraordinary human development. For good or evil, I am a creative geyser. In past decades I have fallen in love with painting and collage, magick, archetypal and transpersonal psychology, hypnotherapy, subquantum physics, consciousness studies, multimedia, and chaos theory. I can't "marry" any theory, since there is no consensus in physics or consciousness studies, though I argue many points of view.

Still, I've always remained faithful to my main interest: the interface of psyche and matter ~ that point where psyche matters. As in chaos theory, all the creative action is at the boundary of any field, the creative threshold, the leading edge. It is in finding meaning and expressing that meaning that we exalt our humanity in our individuation. We don't actually change but our experience of reality does and this experience is largely outside of our "conscious" grasp. This is one source of the value and meaning of art, at least challenging art that goes beyond the boundaries of the frame and sofa wall. MAKE ART, NOT WAR.

-"Spooky" Miller

The Revolution Will Be Televised: User As Content

Insight, Intuition, Self-Knowledge, Creativity

SCIENCE has made the Quantum Leap; ART has Jumped the Canvas in New Media; and HEALING has gone nonlocal with Virtual and Distance Healing.

By the time the Internet came on the scene, I already had a huge backlog of metaphysical, scientific, mythological, and therapeutic articles and fine arts graphics to share with the world. Out of the closet and into the digital archive they went at The Ionasphere, Synergetic Qabala and Asklepia. Since then I've continued building my webpresence, collaborating and publishing in a variety of venues, popular, artistic and scientific.

With the advent of the digital revolution art has jumped off the walls and into life. No longer is print art the preferred medium, as even in Soho permanent projector installations allow artists to display their art without the typical problems of shipping and receiving. Art without frames comes in a variety of multimedia formats.

When technology allowed cable tv to move from 12 channels to hundreds, the age of public access television became possible. In the '70s Sony produced inexpensive, portable video recorders, the PortaPack. Inspired by guerrilla theatre, people started seeing the possibilities of moving television out of corporate control.

Guerrilla TV has leapt forward to podcasting, producing our own radio shows with the help of mp3 players. We now have new video podcasting, iTunes selling tv reruns, TiVo to go, etc, for video distribution. Video can even be shot with a cellphone or any of the millions of digital cameras sold this past year. So there is an explosion of video production like what happened in the Guerrilla television days.

Art has jumped the canvas even further into real life modalities beyond our former concepts of performance art. Life itself becomes the artful act on an ongoing basis. The body and oeuvre are only spheres of influence that extend further and further from the realm of actual exhibition.

Artists are the chaotic attractors of the social field. While conventional artists may enjoy great favor, the ‘strange attractors,’ including leading edge and extreme artists have a special role as catalysts in contemporary life. Artists have always drawn others beyond the limits of their ordinary awareness, confronting them with another reality, initiating them into a world of profound meaning without conventional boundaries.

The beginning of the history of modern man traces back to primordial art, such as that found in the Paleolithic caves of Lascaux. From the beginning, art spoke of magic, of the supernatural, of imagination: the fantastic and disturbing. Always strong in content and aesthetic sophistication, it grew, hand in glove, with the emergence of technological skills.

The emergence of art was and continues to be an unparalleled innovation, confronting our psyches with a giant leap in human evolution whose transformative influence continues opening and exploring brave new worlds to this day. Art has been a driving force and living thread woven into the fabric of society since modern man emerged.

‘Homo Negentrop’

Originally, artists were shamans, healers, and magicians. Their art revealed the compelling dreamscape of primal man, his beliefs about himself, this world, life and death, and hope for an afterlife. We might poetically call them the first negentropic humans, Homo Negentrop. Some might argue ironically that artists are a ‘species’ of their own. Unarguably, they created order and meaning from the chaos of existential life.

Throughout history the insightful vision of artists expressing in symbolic form the ‘as-yet-unknown’ (Jung) has been at the cutting edge of social change. It preceded rational and intellectual social ordering. Artists intuitively extract the gold of their unique vision from creative chaos and manifest it for others to see. Their mediums vary from graphic and print modes, to performance art, ritual, body art, film, and even more arcane forms.

Chaos theory has its ‘strange attractors’ that never settle down into any normal rhythm. The strange attractor dances to the innovative beat of a different drummer. Artists, particularly edge artists, function much like these chaotic attractors whose boundaries are deterministic yet unpredictable. They draw from beyond the personality, from transpersonal resources, and the wellspring of the collective human unconscious.

One doesn’t have a Muse; one serves one’s Muse. She comes and goes. In a sense, the artist is ‘ridden’ by the creative daemon that possesses him or her. That daemon, according to Socrates is one’s genius, a compelling force urging us to create.

Passion (drive) and pathos are reflected in the fact that if this daemon isn’t served, the artist can even become physically ill. Images, ideas and inspirations cry out to become manifested. Order or form yearns to be born from chaos; and those very acts of creation breed destruction of old systems.

The artistic life is a chaotic arc of inspiration upon inspiration, following the Muse. Artists walk what for others is ‘the road not taken’ (chaos theory’s bifurcation or forking), sometimes going ‘where angels fear to tread.’ Their charismatic influence pulls others into their orbits, and the small effect of one personality potentially spreads its influence over the world (butterfly effect), sometimes over history. The history of art is one of the richest threads of our cultural heritage.

Artists wriggle among many possibilities before settling into a project. We might take poetic license calling artists ‘beautiful attractors’ (Wildman, 2004). The notion of a beautiful attractor draws on the dynamics of synergy. The power distribution of the artistic community is aimed at mutual aid and learning, much like the healing community. Sometimes artists even engage in deliberate public psychotherapy, impacting their immediate communities.

Artists magnetically draw the attention of others to their creations, to their vision, into the imagination, into the collective future. We might think of them as the ‘indicator species’ of the social ecology, the evolving cultural landscape. Orbiting far from the norm, they provide a negentropic counter-balance, an evolutionary burst, social innovation -- to conservative forms and institutions, which tend to ossify leading to stasis and decay.

Mana is personal power, also known as chi, prana, animal magnetism, or kundalini. Mana initiates the transformative process in individuals and society. Many artists have magnetic personalities. Exhibiting sensitivity to a certain kind of universal guidance, their influence emanates from their sphere of potentiality through synchronicity and serendipity, stimulating catharsis or breakthrough in others.

The effect is moreso when a movement or school of artistic expression is involved (complex feedback loops) as the reality morphing effect increases exponentially. Artists reflect and influence one another. Arguably, artists demonstrate where society may be heading. They haunt the psychic and perceptual frontiers, drawing the future into the now. How many cultural revolutions have begun in artists’ communities?

Art changes the way people perceive reality, how they see life and their place in it. These negentropic innovations become embedded in social structure. Realizations, insight, empathy are implicit. They show us windows of prescient emotions and impulses, their unframed works rending the veil of the human unconscious.

The Artistic Field of Influence

‘We expect artists as well as scientists to be forward-looking, to fly in the face of what is established, and to create not what is acceptable but what will become acceptable . . . a theory is the creation of unity in what is diverse by the discovery of unexpected likenesses. In all of them innovation is pictured as an act of imagination, a seeing of what others do not see . . . “creative observation.” (Bronowski, 1958).

Artists, along with the other innovators, scientists and entrepreneurs, constitute only 1% of the population. We can imagine them at the top of a pyramid of influence, which trickles down to the most solidified or familial and industrial levels of society (see Appendix; Wildman, Table 1). This is clearly less true for the representational artist whose work is without symbolic value, and rather than progressive or transgressive is merely decorative or aesthetic.

Today, science and art aren’t as polarized in their aims as we might think. They are perennial venues for the emergence of discovery, invention, and creation. The argument is that although science and art are social phenomena, an innovation in either field occurs only when a single mind perceives in disorder a deep new unity. Like art, science is an attempt to control our surroundings by entering into them and understanding them from the inside.

“Scientists search for a ‘real’ and hidden, internal visibility (invisible to the naked eye) which will confirm the limits of identity. . .This is an act of limitation which inverts its own criteria by relying on a ‘depth’ model of identity, which is invisible, but gives visibility through microscopic magnification. Yet this search for an invisible core of identity remains open to a visible transgression via artists who are constantly exposing these new certainties as constructs.” (Sargeant, 1999).

The objective and subjective mode are not divorced from one another, anymore than the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Science adapted the artist’s sense that the detail of nature is significant. Like yin and yang, they rely on one another in a dynamic meld that lies beyond the dialectic in the tension of opposites.

Thus, the metaphors of science have gained increasing relevance in the artworld. Art and science begin as imaginative speculation that guesses at a unity or gestalt. Metaphors reflect universal or holistic references and processes, connecting concepts across disciplines.

Gregory Bateson calls metaphor Nature’s language. There is aesthetic pleasure in finding likenesses between things once thought unalike. It gives a sense of richness and understanding. The creative mind looks for unexpected likenesses, through engagement of the whole person.

We can draw from the organic metaphors of quantum physics, field theory, and chaos theory to illuminate the state of the arts. Physics describes the interrelationship of chaos and order as field relationships, while chaos theory describes nature’s own methods of creation and self-assembly. Entropy is the tendency for any closed part of the universe to expand at the expense of order. It is a measure of randomness and disorder -- chaos.

Negentropy is the generative force of the universe. Negentropy (emergent order from chaos) is a nonlinear higher order system, a dynamically creative ordering information. Thinking, science, and art are therefore negentropic.

Negentropy, like art, is ‘in-form-ative.’ It is related to mutual information exchange. Information is embodied in the fractal nature of imagery and symbols, which compress the informational content of the whole. Creativity is an emergent phenomenon patterned by strange attractors, which govern the complexity of information in dynamic flow.

Negentropy is implicated in the successful development of science, economics, technology, infoscience, and art. Negentropy is the degree of order, or function of a state. It relates to the organization of societies, including subcultures such as the artworld, determining the quantity and quality of creative work

That which was formerly unmanifest comes into being. Negentropy governs the spontaneous transmission and direction of flow of information among systems. The qualities of that information are timeless. It is synergistic in that what was formerly unconnected becomes so, creating something wholly optimal and new or futuristic. In the 1920s, Hungarian scientist, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi coined the term syntropy for ‘negative entropy.’

In cybernetics, a meaningful interpretation of negentropy is a measurement of the complexity of a physical structure in which quantities of energy are invested, e.g., buildings, works, technical devices, and organisms which become more complex by feeding not on energy but on negentropy. Art facilitates negentropy by expanding our general field of experience. Negentropy facilitates artistic realization by creating something from nothing.

The creative act is one of uniting the unmanifest with the manifest world in a meaningful, often symbolic, way. Such conception is relevant to consciousness, organization, structure, faith, subconsciousness, emotion, even spirituality. Above all, creativity means trusting the process. Investigation of the negentropic criterion helps us move toward a truly transdisciplinary doctrine for the artistic field of influence.

The two worlds of science and art have married in the digital revolution. Art has from the beginning required a certain amount of technical expertise, the ability to create and use technology in its execution. Only the means and their complexity have changed, evolving over the years, culminating now in a revolution based on ‘ars electronica’: the electronic arts.



The History or Story Behind My Site


MAY 2008

Disseminating Social & Scientific Innovations



JOIN US: SAGI -- a Nonlocal Action Thinktank -- invites you to network, collaborate and collectively dream, design and build exemplar projects as new foundation memes to embody the future as an alternative to Apocalypse. Vision is rooted in the negentropic forces of life itself. Breakthroughs in lifestyle, political theory, health science, intelligence, macrohistory, women's studies, art history, economics, ethics, medical best practice, communications theory, and more. Today's research challenges require many minds to find viable solutions, new options for collective participatory wisdom. SAGI is one such option.


E-BOOK online



Chapter 1: Deep Background

The Digital Revolution and Media Ecology
(Marshall McLuhan’s Influence in DFA and Multimedia)

Chapter 2: CybeRevolution
Basic History of Digital Artforms and Cyber Culture

Chapter 3: Hypermedia, Multimedia
Chapter 4: Virtual Reality
Chapter 5: Cyberotica
Chapter 6: Hunting the Future




Applying Therapeutic Technique to Healing Our National Dysfunction

Soul of America, Toxic Shame & Blame, Depression, God Cult, Creative Repatterning, Self-Image, Transfomation, Owning the Shadow, Soul Retrieval, Vision, Crisis, Commitment, Strategies, Manifest Destiny, Ethical Economics, Compassionate Consumption, Conscious Evolution, Emergent Paradigm


April 2008


<> http://leutrellosborne.50megs.com/rich_text.html
Veteran CIA Case Officer Has Alternate Theory About the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

MARCH 2008

NEW PRINT ARTICLE: HunterGatheress Journal



Alchemy SuperPortal 2008 at


Spiritual Alchemy, Alchemy 101, Universal Solvent,

Nigredo & Depression, Saint Germain, Modern Alchemist,

Psychogenesis Artshow, Conscious Alchemy

FEB. 2008



Sub Rosa, Spywhisperer, Age of Intell, Transformation Agent,

Rolling Stone, Wizards, Snake Eaters, Kennntell, Zero Point,

UberSpook, Parapsychology, Mind Control, Bioholography,

Skullduggery, Power Train, Paranoia

Jan. 2008

Io 2008 MENU - http://ionamillermenu.iwarp.com

Dragon Guardians"

"The Nigredo: Working Through Depression in Alchemy"



Modern IO is not about the old messages of psychological operations (PSYOPS), but rather about empowering billions of people with both information tools and access to truthful information. It is about education, not manipulation. It is about sharing, not secrecy. It is about human understanding to create wealth and stabilize societies, not about the threat of violence and the delivery of precision munitions. IO substitutes information for violence -- more intelligent intelligence.


DEC 2007



12/11/07 - PRESS RELEASE: Coinciding with the DVD release of the Bourne Ultimatum, we present the OSBORNE ULTIMATUM http://leutrellosborne.50megs.com/whats_new_8.html

Conspirituality: Heartful Intelligence & Sacred Activism

Interview with Retired CIA Case Officer,
Leutrell “Mike” Osborne, Sr.

By Iona Miller 12/2007

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." ~Martin Luther King Jr.
OSBORNE ULTIMATUM: US intelligence needs to be revisioned and transformed. Covert Action needs to have tighter oversight and accountability. No nation-state currently polices transnational crime, which is a growing threat. Most intelligence now comes from Open Source, so an increase in HUMINT is the quickest route to improvement. The shadow of the Shadow Government, including domestic spying and assassinations, needs to be revealed to the American people and the world so we can finally heal. We must take responsibility for that shadow, including national and global discrimination and exploitation.

We have prospered at the expense of disenfranchised others for too long, and need a common survival strategy, at home and abroad. A truly humane and spiritual approach is what is required to heal the split between conspiracies and our human sense of the sacred. Perhaps the light cannot defeat the darkness, but surely we can hold the balance of power against the evil that men do. What we need is more intelligent intelligence.Public intelligence in the public interest is the way we restore the Constitution, save the Republic, and save the Earth and Humanity seven generations into the future.



DREAMHEALING: Chaos & Consciousnesshttp://dreamhealing.iwarp.com

Paradigm shift has come to the healing professions for both the body and mind. We are learning the roles of subtle forces in energy medicine and the formations of our bodies and modulations of the mind. Dreamhealing is a way of decomposing the old primal self image in chaos, tapping our source code, and rebooting our system from the ground of consciousness.

The guide's global perspective resonates with, entrains, and opens the participant to letting go of outworn patterns and rigidities. The old patterns break up as flow is restored. Resting in the void allows for instantaneous repatterning by the whole. Unfolding of the process leads to integration, entrainment of systems in the service of evolution, adaptation.

NOV 2007

1. ARTSHOW: DIGITAL LONG ISLAND, New Media Festival Nov 9 - Jan 11, 08 Invitational (click Preview).
Digital Long Island: An International New Media Festival: works by national and international digital artists (digital paintings, computer based illustration, digitally manipulated photography, digital video art, digital collages and films). Digital Long Island (DLI) was created to harness the talents and resources of the Long Island art community toward an bi-annual art event that would attract visitors to savor the wide variety of art and entertainment experiences that are unique to Long Island. Exhibiting the works of artists and creative thinkers whose thought provoking works extend the continuum of art into the new millennium, the DLI project highlights the collaborative efforts of multiple arts organizations toward a common goal.


Digital Long Island
International New Media Festival

Saturday, November 10, 2007

National Exhibition and Reception

What is Digital Long Island?:

The first Long Island exhibition of world-class national and international digital artists featuring digital paintings, computer based illustration, digitally manipulated photography, digital video art, digital collages and films.

Digital Long Island will take place in several locations, the historic Mills Pond House in St. James for the national juried show and the international invitational show will be take place in the Village Center located on the water in downtown Port Jefferson; both are perfect venues for this exhibition. Additionally, The Art League of Long Island in Dix Hills will host a public show with reception for all the student entries on Thursday, November 8th from 6:00-8:00 p.m. A digital media film festival will also take place on November 8th, see www.stacarts.org/digital or details.


2. Calm Birth Teacher Training Nov 16-18, NYC Meditation in medicine and an energetic model of women's bodies.





<> 1. Adam Gorightly's Untamed Dimensions,

RADIO: Join Spywhisperer Iona Miller and Deputy Director Charles Stone on
Mankind Research Unlimited

2. Print Article; Paranoia Magazine Issue #46

http://paranoiamagazine.comTom Bearden 0.0 WIZARD OF ZERO POINT. You are a time machine. The universe wil consume you as the Fruit of the Tree of Life. It eats time. Time is a duration of consciousness – nothing more, nothing less. In the end (the Big RIP) it all boils down to nothing. You really don’t matter. –io




THE KEYS signify the power and act of opening the way to the soul's progress in both the higher and lower nature. The Treasure is found therein. There are many keys to St. Germain that unlock different aspects of his woldview and secrets. The keys take us beyond the readily available legends of St. Germain's public life, and reveal the motivators of his secret life and soul goals. The keys reveal his secret lineage, education, health regime, and source of his sustaining energy and beliefs linking his line back to the dawn of history. His philosophy prioritized light, life, love and liberty in an era when isolated adepts began to study and practice together in brotherhood. St. Germain was their pathfinder. There are no Greater or Lesser keys to St. Germain, but it takes all of them together to unlock his Mystery -- magical revolution.



Was Sir Francis Bacon a concealed Tudor Prince? Did he pen Shakespeare? Many experts say it is so. A stealthy undercurrent of denial, deception, disguise, betrayal, spy networks, magic and secret societies ran through Bacon’s life, shaping him as he shaped his world with intelligence.

JULY 2007

ZERO POINTERS for the spiritually inclined


An anthology of Iona Miller's writing on spiritual physics and biophysics and what they mean for our worldview of self, others, nature and cosmos.

Empty Awareness * Microphysics * Helix to Hologram * My Zero Point * Nonlocal Mind * Whole Sum Infinity *Good Vibrations * Glisten Up * Photonic Body * Photonic Brain * Invisible Ground * Illumination * Consciousness * Soma Sophia * Biophysics * Field Body * Virtual Physics * Sacred Geometry * Neurotheology * Psi Research *Multiverse * Pineal DMT * Deep Field I Deep Field II * Emergent Healing * Holographic Paradigm *Chaos Consciousness * Chaosophy * Multiverse * Tensegrity * Energy Medicine * Resonance * Demiurgic Field *

JUNE 2007

MIND CONTROL FOR DUMMIES – book http://mindcontrolfordummies.50megs.com
Everything you always wanted to know and were afraid to ask.

UNTAMED DIMENSIONS RADIOhttp://gorightly.wordpress.com/
On June 28th at 3PM PST, Adam Gorightly welcomes Performance Artist <> Iona Miller to the Untamed Dimensions airwaves. Tune in at www.blogtalkradio.com/Gorightly

OCCULT ESPionageScratch a Magus; Find a Spy. Crowleyanity or revisionist history?http://occultespionage.50megs.com

Psychotronics is the science of mind-body-environment relationships, an interdisciplinary science concerned with the interactions of matter, energy, and consciousness. Mind control in espionage, psychedelics, cold war culture, today.


MAY 2007

"Agent Provocateur"

"From Tavistock to Woodstock"

Mind Control Countermeasures"

April 2007

Art Manifesto 2007:
"Intelligence as Performance Art"

and for Paranoia - drops in Dec 07.
"Tom Bearden 0.0: Wizard of Zero-Point"

MARCH 2007

My Own Private CIA


THE OSBORNE SUPREMACY: Intelligence Profile
Coming: HARNESSING REALITY or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the CIA


21st century EVP and ITC 101 with Frank Sumptions and KT

February 2007

Cover Art and Article: "Blinded by the DMT Light"

Inside Mankind Research Unlimited - Spook Central


"Fierce Luminosity" - Zero Point Awareness



2006 ********2006**********2006


Deep Cover/Deep Physics
Conversations with Tom Bearden:
Virtual Visualizations for Living Hyperdimensional Reality"



(under const.)

New Feature Article: 10,000 words
Grounding Systems, Meta-Syn, & Rebirth
Feature Article:
Prophets, Procreation & Parallel Worlds
and at http://popocculture.com

Pop Occulture feature


ACTIVISM: Updates on Aborigine racist murders by police in Queensland, Australia. News and new photos. Tell the world.

Alt.Cinema: view at http://www.realityportal.info
REALITY PORTAL: The Peace Project; Freedom Fighters film will be screened again in AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND

Documentary by Kevin Zaar about state terrorism, conspiracies, drugs, parties, trance / techno / rave movement and secret police. Jack Herrer, Mike Ruppert, Albert Hoffman, Regina Lund, Nina Hagen, Dalai Lama, Sirius Dog, Scott Ritter, Iona Miller, and many more.

Psy/Trance mp3 dowloads:

Coming Soon: Print article on "The Demiurgic Field" for Journal of Interdisciplinary Crossroads (India), and two print articles in Spring for Paranoia Magazine (USA) on Mankind Research Unlimited and Pineal DMT. Also, OpEd piece on Intent vs. Belief in next issue of Journal of Nonlocality & Remote Mental Interaction. And, Epilogue on "Cyberotica in Technoshamanism" in Gartel's THE ART OF FETISH (2007).

Also CHAOSOPHY 2007: Mainstreaming Meditation in Medicine http://chaosophy.50megs.com/whats_new_1.html and "Active Practical Wisdom: Molding the World Around You" http://chaosophy.50megs.com/whats_new_2.html


Speculation on Practice in the Electronic Astral Plane.
Speculation on Practice in the Electronic Astral Plane.
DER GOLEM is published twice a year, on Beltane and Samhain,
and covers a wide range of metaphysical, occult, and
magical topics. A significant number of articles are
translations of English essays already published, and
many authors are occultists of considerable reputation
in the occult scene. In the comparatively short time
since its inception (Beltane of 2000), it has managed
to accumulate a dedicated readership. Drops Halloween.
Official Homepage


POP OCCULTURE zine is running 2 of my articles at http://www.popocculture.com


Artshow: ART AS META-SYN 8-4-06

NEUROTHEOLOGY, also known as biotheology, is the study of the neural basis of spirituality. Neurotheology deals with the neurological and evolutionary basis for subjective experiences traditionally categorized as spiritual. Aldous Huxley introduced the term neurotheology in his utopian novel Island. The term is also sometimes used in a less scientific context or a philosophical context. Keywords include 'deity', 'neurophysiological bases', self-transcendence, 'spirituality' and 'mysticism'.


CONSCIOUS ALCHEMY is the art of modulating your own psychophysical chemistry for increased quality of life. We need to learn the art of living well, instead of living better. Through CONSCIOUS ALCHEMY you can retrieve the psychophysical biochemistry of your balanced and peak performance states. You can apply this to pain management as well as emotional issues or boosting your potential. By recalling vital times, you essentially regress your body chemistry to a more youthful you, and minimize the toxic chemistry of stress. This allows both body and mind to relax and recalibrate homeostasis. You can also draw on the support and encouragement of your evolving future self through imagination. Just as one incident can create trauma, one healing moment can change that instantly.

6/06 NEW SITE: June, 2006

Re-Vision Qabala. We need a contemporary qabala for today, a 21st Century qabala, suitable for our "ground", our electronic environment. There is no advantage in our remaining locked up in any cultural cycle, exchanging hoary grimoires and number matrices and counting synchronicities, as if in a trance or a dream. If you go obsessively looking for something in the matrix, you are sure to find it. Discover the means of living simultaneously in all cultural modes while quite conscious. All spiritual worldviews, including science, are narratives or interpretations of the nature of reality and our nature. We can make our practice and service contemporary by drawing on each era and drawing them forward into the future.


NEW SITE: May, 2006 MY ZERO POINT: Find Your Own Zero Point DISCOVER THE WHOLE IN YOUR SOUL. All of Nature and our own nature arises from the omnipresent centerpoint of Zero-Point Energy or vacuum fluctuation, beyond energy/matter. Our whole body flickers in and out of existence at an astounding rate, and each of those quantum recreations is an opportunity to transform utterly. http://myzeropoint.50megs.com/

NEW ANIMATION: Blue Elf Magick, animated by Bob Judd of Subcutaneous.


NEW SITE: April, 2006 HARMONIC CONTINUUM EMBODIMENT PRACTICES and PARTICIPATORY WISDOM: Somatic-Spiritual Tech for the Reality Shift. A group of spirit-based somatic educators, action-research scientists, scholars and performing artists have formed a unique alliance with an evolutionary agent, Steve Bhaerman, aka Swami Beyondananda, political scientist and comedian, Lorin Kiely, Physicist Mark Comings, Stas Rotkowski, Julie Henderson, etc. We came together Easter weekend, April 14-16, 2006 to originate a new synthesis which will be the foundation for a fully dynamic participatory educational process for self-regulation. http://harmoniccontinuum.50megs.com

Grants Pass Metaphysical Library and Salon
The community-based GPML is a regional membership lending library, music and art space, study center and event center in Grants Pass, Southern Oregon. Let me know if you want to speak in our venue. http://gpml.50megs.com

NEW JNLRMI April 2006:
Our April 2006 issue of the biophysics Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interactions. Genetic Regulatory Architectures, Bioelectromagnetics and Conscious Intent: A survey of current experimental evidence and new genetic control paradigms. Available online http://www.emergentmind.org/jnlrmiiv1.htm

http://knowbrowart.50megs.com Neither High-brow nor Low-Brow, the Electronic Arts are "KNOW-Brow Art" born of our fusion with technology. In the middle of the forehead, neither high nor low is the Third Eye of inner or visionary sight. Electronic arts, by their very nature, require a great deal of technical knowledge to interface with computer-assisted media. Know Brow art respects and draws from both classical art and that of the underground or street. Digital Media include still frames, Flash, and desktop digital movies, often incorporated with other media, installation, and performance.

This site was hacked off the net the first week of 6/06 at its 50megs locale. So, I brought it back at http://mindcontrol.chaosmagic.com Do It Yourself Mind Control. Self-care and Self-regulation is the antidote to corporate and sociopolitical mind control. Do it yourself, or somebody else will. Rototill your belief system; don’t be a sheeple, people. Paramedia Ecology; Paradigm Shift; Freestyling

CANCELLED: MAY 2006; Memorial Day Weekend
ASSACON, May ’06 http://www.assacon.com
San Francisco, California; Memorial Day Weekend
Workshop Title: Altered States of Sex, Love, Intelligence
Co-facilitators: Sobey Wing, Vancouver B.C. and Iona Miller, So. Oregon
The mixing of the psychedelic experience and the world of relationships can be a road to enlightenment or suffering. Love itself being considered a drug gives rise to possibilities of harm reduction approaches to the way we share energies. Neo-tribalist, Sobey Wing and Cybersybil, Iona Miller provide an inter-generational bridge in a culture lab investigating the potentialities of dyad voyages from preparation to post-integration of the entheogenic experience. Use of aphrodisiacs will also be touched upon. Looking at questions that hinder our intimacies and create armoring of the heart, we will seek ways to empower the resource states in ourselves. Applications draw on tools that including free writing, discussions and breakout groups, movement and self hypnosis as we explore ways to re-pattern mind states to anchor more sacredness in our love and sexuality. Also see more at http://digitaluniverse.50megs.com/custom2.html

http://digitaluniverse.50megs.com Albert Hoffman 100th birthday party, Basel; Io digital media art
Media Ecology; Video Guru Nam June Paik’s Wake, NYC, more.

NEW WEBSITE: PSIONA (PSIONICS) Iona’s parapsychology/paraphysics history, writings, mentors, and collaborations, 1970s - 2006. PSIber Kult, Emergent Mind, Nexus, PsiOps, John Curtis Gowan, Stan Krippner, Heartstrings Nonlocal Healing, Asklepia Dreamhealing, Mankind Research Unlimited, Beyond MK Ultra, OAK, Inc., Nexus, more. 21st C. Psi Research, Holographic Concept, Co-consciousness, Quantum Bioholography, Multiverse, Chaosophy, Nonlocal Healing, etc. http://psiona.50megs.com

http://www.sign69.com/medialounge/space721.html “Blue Elf Magick”: Hyperdelic animation of digital fine art and pix from Albert Hoffman 100th B-day party, Basel, Switzerland. Io collabo with electronic artist Philip Wood, France.


------------ 2005 -------------

NEW WEBSITE: THE PHOTONIC HUMAN (PARAPHYSICS) From the Heart of Darkness springs the Light, and we are That. Virtual Photon Fluctuation is the Source of the photons that form and sustain our Being. We are truly Light Beings: Homo Lumen. We literally inhabit and embody a Temple of Living Light, which is interconnected with the deepest level of Cosmos. We are shiny Diamonds of Rainbow Light. We are made in the Images of that Brilliance. Shine On!
In the Effulgence of its Brilliance.



NEW WEBSITE: KABBALAH LUMINATA (SCIENCE-ART) As a digital artist I paint with LIGHT; as a Qabalist I practice in the Temple of Living Light. Recently discontent with static and Flash imagery alone, I have begun venturing into the world of filmmaking. Come see some of the art frames I have prepared for animation at my new Kabbalah Luminata Portal at http://kabbalahluminata.50megs.com


PUBLISHING Iona’s painting
plus commentary in Science-Art art book;
see http://www.science-art.com.au/ and http://science-art-usa.50megs.com
By Robert Pope;
ISBN 0-9577784-7-3 (155 pgs)
Science-Art Research Centre of Australia, Inc., 2005
By adhering to a mechanistic worldview, Western civilization is on a path to extinction, says Science-Art philosopher Robert Pope. The ancient knowledge passed on by the Greeks upheld a survival science, a “Savior science” that was misinterpreted by Leonardo Da Vinci but was privately understood by Isaac Newton. In response to Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, Pope hopes to set the record straight by returning to the atomistic philosophy of the ancient Greek scholars such as Plato and Philo. Plato’s worldview is much more akin to a holographic reality, Pope argues. The “true meaning of the code”, he suggests, relates to atomic movement creating evolutionary wisdom, and he points out some classic examples of Renaissance art that communicate this truth.

ART WRITING Jungian Psychology Cut-Up ESSAY on artist
GENESIS P-ORRIDGE: PandroGENy: A Love Story of Gender Reunion
~The Yab-Yummy Way of Imagination.
“The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its purposes through him. As a human being he may have moods and a will and personal aims, but as an artist he is 'man' in a higher sense - he is 'collective man,' a vehicle and molder of the unconscious psychic life of mankind.” (Carl Jung, Psychology and Literature, 1930)

PORTRAIT Animated portrait of Iona by international electronic artist in Paris,
Philip Wood:


BEYOND MK ULTRA, co-authored with Charles Stone, Chief Deputy to Dr. Carl Schleicher in Mankind Research Foundation. After his military career in psiops, Schleicher opened Mankind Research Unlimited, a parapsychology and alt.healing SRI or IONS type thinktank. In the 1980s, he was exposed as the creator of the deployable human cyborg or Manchurian Candidate, and is the likely model of the X-Files “Cigarette Man”. See “Getting Blood from a Stone”

THE LUX ARTILLERY: Iona’s interview in Zora Von Burden’s book of exceptional underground women.

NEW 6/2005: BIOPHYSICS Portal



* Changing your mind because of emotion is faith.
* Changing your mind because of thinking is philosophy.
* Changing your mind because of facts is science.
* Changing your mind because of manipulation is mind control.



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