Germ Warfare II

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Germ Warfare II


Social Power: Accelerated Social Change / Culled Population

We can follow the backtrail to governmentally sponsored anthrax to Gulf War Syndrome. Keep following the “usual suspects.” When it comes to social or biological engineering, especially eugenics, the prime suspect is the perennially reappearing chimera of the globalist agenda, Tavistock Institute in Britain and one of its primary U.S. outposts, Michigan University, Ann Arbor.

Tavistock thinktank was created for healing shell shock but soon turned into the premier mass brainwashing institute with a globalist agenda. The precursor to the infamous CIA MK-ULTRA mind control program, Tavistock’s agenda is used to topple governments. Tavistock’s spycologists are the founding fathers of mind control.

Tavistock’s objective is to eventually control entire populations with the use of drugs, electronics and sophisticated mind control techniques, including group dynamics and lockdown propaganda. Research into the use of microwave weapons and their use for mind control began there in the 1950s. Tavistock was behind the creation and direction of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).

The Cryptocracy, through economics and mass mind control is involved in the transformation or "alchemical processing" of mass consciousness by psychological mind manipulation. With the help of these foundations and secret societies, experiments in world shaping continue multimedia and military campaigns. The goal is to seed and control megatrends so the masses live as controlled puppets – wage slaves -- of the ruling elite.

Their “endgame” includes radical population reduction employing a variety of pathogens and other means. Thus, Tavistock wrote the blueprint for germ biowarfare (BW) as well as drug and chemical assaults (CBW). A thinktank for the global shadow government, Tavistock plays a pivotal role in shaping political, social, educational, and economic 'opinions', especially in the United States.

Biowarfare aspects of MK ULTRA and MK NAOMI

There is a vast uncharted history of public policy and ethics, or lack thereof, in medicine in the national-security world. Bioethics doesn't usually include the Defense Department, DARPA, or DIA activities. History and political considerations are seamlessly welded. But many developments have the potential to change civilian life as much or more radically than military practice. In the 21st century, biotechnical enhancements will call into question what it means to be human -- and who will control that.

The US began its active biological warfare program in the 1940s. In 1941, it implemented a clandestine program to develop offensive and allegedly defensive bioweapons using controversial testing methods. Fort Detrick was home to the Army Biological Warfare Laboratories from 1943 until 1969, conducting top-secret production of offensive biological weapons. Most research and development is still conducted at Fort Detrick, MD., Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore labs, Pine Bluff, AR. and Dugway Proving Ground, UT.

A legacy from WWII Japanese Unit 731, modern biowarfare is the brainchild of DoD and CIA. Experimental biowarfare and drug research was conducted under “mind kontrol” programs called MK ULTRA and MK NAOMI. As is often the case, ultrasecret tasks were sent to subcontractors. Crystalline Brucella was an especially useful agent in germ warfare.

“The title page of a US Senate Study, declassified on February 24, 1977, shows that George Merck, of the pharmaceutical company, Merck Sharp & Dohme (which now makes cures for diseases that at one time it created), reported in 1946 to the US Secretary of War that his researchers had managed "for the first time" to "isolate the disease agent in crystalline form."

“They had produced a crystalline bacterial toxin extracted from the Brucella bacterium [which] could be removed in crystalline form and stored, transported and deployed without deteriorating. It could be delivered by other vectors such as insects, aerosol or the food chain (in nature it is delivered within the bacterium). But the factor that is working in the Brucella is the mycoplasma. One salt shaker of the pure disease agent in a crystalline form could sicken the entire population of Canada. It is absolutely deadly, not so much in terms of killing the body but disabling it.

“Because the crystalline disease agent goes into solution in the blood, ordinary blood and tissue tests will not reveal its presence. The mycoplasma will only crystallise at 8.1 pH, and the blood has a pH of 7.4 pH. So the doctor thinks your complaint is "all in your head".
(Scott, 2002)

Anonymous Testimony

Our “Deep Throat” microbiologist can connect many dots from personal experience in this chain of events: “My first job in DC was a front researching the paranormal, esoterics and alternative healing. The previously mention mycoplasma program was part of MK Ultra.”

The key brucella experts in the WW II era later went to Michigan State University Dept. of Microbiology and Public Health. The top US Government’s brucellosis expert from the late 1930's thru the 1970's worked in the graduate program. That Department at Michigan State supervised the Michigan Dept. of Health with the anthrax vaccine, which was contaminated with mycoplasma, the probable cause of severe Gulf War Syndrome.

Artificial mycoplasma were developed from the brucella bacteria. In fact the m.fermantans genome is an exact copy of part of the Brucella. The anthrax vaccine used in the Gulf War was produced by the Michigan Dept. of Health under the supervision of the Dept. of Public Health at Michigan State University. The first weaponized mycoplasma were made at a “Tavistock Institute West” clone.

Also, the media did a cover-up. Peter Jennings at ABC News played the lead role with an infomercial for CIPRO before the anthrax letters were mailed. He continued to hype CIPRO throughout the Anthrax crisis even though there are cheaper and better drugs available, including penicillin V. One of the toxic anthrax letters was sent to Senator Leahy's office. His staff then covered up the investigation of Peter Jennings. So there is your media, bureaucracy and academia in action.

The US Senate Judiciary Commitee investigated this. then headed by Senator Leahy. His staff covered it up. The media refuses to cover the story. Meanwhile the FBI and New York Times persisted in trying to frame Dr. Hatfill.

“Toxic vaccine is the almost certain cause of Gulf War Syndrome which has killed countless veterans and caregivers. The weaponized mycoplasma spread through the Gulf. It came back with vets to the US. It is the specific cause of Osama bin-Laden's rise to power thru his support by Saudi Arabia. Add this to the anthrax story and you have a very big story!

“I believe Gulf War Syndrome was caused by mycoplasma contamination of the expired anthrax vaccine. Spread of artificial mycoplasma also has caused something like Gulf War Syndrome in Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan and northern Saudi Arabia approx 15% of the population is involved. That is arguably the excuse for Osama bin Laden to launch his terrorist war!

“I reject Depleted Uranium as one of the main sources of Gulf War Syndrome. “The Brucellosis Triangle" has been covered in NEXUS Magazine. Dirty anthrax vaccine is the probable cause of severe Gulf War Syndrome.

“There are several causes for Gulf War Syndrome. I have interviewed the persecuted and maligned Dr. Garth Nicolson, the most published microbiologist worldwide. His group has treated Gulf War soldiers with drugs which are effective against mycoplasma infections. The mycoplasma found in Gulf War veterans sometimes has gp 120 protein attachments.

“Dr. Nicolson’s story is compelling including attempts by biowar terrorist companies on the life of his staff and FBI guards. He was fired from M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital in Texas. His group is now based in Irvine, California. He claims that 15% to 20% of the population in Iraq, southern Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan have Gulf War syndrome.

“There are very strange neoplasms in Gulf War III soldiers. As the article states, the disability rate for Gulf War II is incredible. NEXUS had an article on ‘The Brucellosis Triangle’ just before 9/11. It deals with the origins of the 90 plus species of mycoplasma. During WW II the Brucella bacteria was modified and a crystalized toxin was produced (artificial mycoplasma). The gene sequence of mycoplasma fermentans is an exact copy of part of the Brucella genome.

“These mycoplasma were tested worldwide after WW II causing a number of neurogenic illnesses including Parkinson's Disease, MS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, etc The Gulf War Anthrax vaccine was produced by the Michigan Dept. of Health in Lansing under the supervision of the Dept. at MSU. Gulf War Syndrome is associated very closely with that vaccine which was contaminated with mycoplasma.

“Many claim it, but what evidence do you have depleted uranium (DU) is the actual cause of the bizarre cancers, etc. seen in Gulf War III? The only proven effect of depleted uranium is kidney damage. How do you know the DU story isn't part of the cover-up for the mycoplasma fermentans story? "

NSA “Mr. Spock” Spook Confirms

Any good story needs secondary confirmation and we have it, -- again anonymous -- retired from NSA. “Spock” says, “anthrax vaccine is responsible for Gulf War Syndrome. It is based on a mycoplasma contamination with a GP 120 protein attachment. Mycoplasma are artificially made from Brucella starting in WW II.”

“.. [Your source] is right about anthrax vaccine; it was way out of date and full of all kinds of mycoplasma, as are ALL out of date vaccines that were sloppily made in the first place. With means of inactivating the selenocysteine product, glutathione peroxidase an essential enzyme; antibiotic+selenocysteine= mycoplasma out! The immune suppressing bacterial DNA particle (now known as the mycoplasmal species fermentans) was based upon the research of Dr. Robert Huebner and carried forward at the Wistar Institute of Philadelphia among other places.”

“It is delivered by airplane - caused mini-epidemic of walking pneumonia in NW Washington DC, in 1985, which drew my attention. “X” got it, my wife got it - only person not getting it was me because I was breathing selenium fumes all night. I gave samples of air collected pathogen to “X” to head of OMI. April 86. Two months later, Army patented the new (but old) bug so they could make a portable test. Patent upgraded twice, til 1993. Army was not making warbug but securing defense against possible "near-future" warbug; unusually virulent mycoplasma, which is not fermentans incognitus but hominus incognitus-b “

“Contrails --loaded INADVERTANTLY with mycoplasma strain that teams with strep to make flesh eating strep old anthrax vaccine - loaded with mycoplasma. DU- furthur depletes "correct" selenium WHICH WE CANNOT SYNTHESIZE!!

“The Michigan State info on transforming brucella into a mycoplasma in 1930s, 1940s is accurate, in possession of US ARMY classified secret. mycoplasma fermentans is not derived from brucella…mechanism of depleted uranium (chemically like iron) and mycoplasma is to deplete body of selenium and glutathione peroxidase.

“I discovered re-emerged GW mycoplasma all over Washington DC in 1986. “X” was having lunch with MAG associated head of Army medical intelligence once a week at HQ at Walter Reed Hospital. I copied secret Army papers from Michigan State in the 30's 40s' and gave “X” samples of organism. “X” was easily cleared for old secret level docs. “X” took it to OMI and "new" mycoplasma was discovered.”

Quo Vadis?

Biowarfare’s goal is simply the transmission of disease. It is arguably as old as mankind. The first recorded example is the Hittites use of plague infected rams, 3300 years ago. "Hittite plague" raged through the Middle East in the 14th century B.C.

Contamination of water was another common tactic. The ancient Assyrians (whose civilization began around 2400 B.C. in modern Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq) poisoned enemy wells with ergot, an LSD-like fungus that grows on wheat, rye and other grains.

Historically, smallpox and anthrax have been used against adversaries. Anthrax infection was known to the Israelites in Egypt who used figs as a rememdy for skin lesions. In the medieval period diseased corpses were catapulted into besieged fortresses.The Mongols did the same with bubonic plague victims.

On Sept. 11, 2001, reports the Washington Post, "there were only five 'biosafety level 4' labs – places equipped to study highly lethal agents such as Ebola that have no human vaccine or treatment – a Government Accountability Office report stated last fall. Fifteen are in operation or under construction now, according to the report. There are hundreds more biosafety level 3 labs, which handle agents such as Bacillus anthracis, which does have a human vaccine."

The few hundred people at work in the U.S. bio-defense program before 9/11 have swelled to perhaps 14,000 scientists who have "clearances to work with 'select biological agents' such as Bacillus anthracis – many of them civilians working at private universities" where, according to experts, "security regulations are remarkably lax."

And don't forget the Army's own billion-dollar plan to "build a larger laboratory complex as part of a proposed interagency biodefense campus at Fort Detrick." We're talking about the place where, as Ivins' crew was evidently nicknamed, "Team Anthrax" worked and whose labs are reputedly "renowned for losing anthrax." In these same years, according to the New York Times, "almost $50 billion in federal money has been spent to build new laboratories, develop vaccines and stockpile drugs." (Engelhardt)

Great ILLusion

Where are we going with today’s black ops germ warfare? Lab space for such work has increased 10-fold since 2001. Thousands of scientists are now working with bioweapons agents, many for the first time. More than 14,000 scientists have been approved to work with so-called select agents like anthrax that usually pose little threat to public health unless they are used as bioweapons.

Genetically engineered constructs are escaping into the environment, speeding up recombination and jumping species barriers. This is the major route to creating new diseases. With this routine release, we don't need terrorists to create new epidemics. Bioweapon and GM control must come together. By default or design it is still bioterrorism.

No good can come of it. Yet “hope” is a whore that should be strangled because it offers only delusion for consolation. Our only protection is good food, water and healthy immune systems. The pretzel twist is that those are prime targets in the war that never ends. You are in the bullseye. Germ warfare is GOD’s timebomb – Gold, Oil, & Drugs.



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Scott, Donald W. MA, MSc, 2001, “Mycoplasma: “The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases” Nexus Magazine, (Aug 2001). The pathogenic Mycoplasma used to be very innocuous, but biological warfare research conducted between 1942 and the present time has resulted in the creation of more deadly and infectious forms of Mycoplasma. Researchers extracted this mycoplasma from the Brucella bacterium and actually reduced the disease to a crystalline form. They "weaponised" it and tested it on an unsuspecting public in North America. Dr Maurice Hilleman, chief virologist for the pharmaceutical company Merck Sharp & Dohme, stated that this disease agent is now carried by everybody in North America and possibly most people throughout the world.

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By 1966, Wackenhut could confidently state that it had secret files on 4 million Americans. Michael Riconosciuto is the mysterious convicted drug dealer who became a government informer and then became a Wackenhut employee, and who is now back in jail [see "Badlands," April 19921 He told SPY that during the early 1980s he was "working for Wackenhut to adapt Inslaw's Promis." Promis is the computer program allegedly stolen by Reagan-administration officials from Inslaw, a software company, and resold for private gain. Although Wackenhut denies any involvement with improper appropriation of software, Riconosciuto said in an interview with SPY that he "met with George Wackenhut and John Ammarell [a Wackenhut board member and consultant to George Wackenhut] in Las Vegas." Riconosciuto went on to say that accompanying him was Dr. John Philip Nichols, the former CIA agent and Wackenhut business partner who was running the shadowy activities on the Cabazon Indian reservation in the California desert. Riconoscinto says that during their Vegas evening together, George Wackenhut ask how his work on the software was coming along. Such comments from a twice-convicted felon would normally be dismissed out of hand. But in an interview with SPY Wackenhut's John Ammarell confided that such a meeting did indeed take place in Las Vegas. "I don't remember any specific conversations," Ammarell said, "but I think we were there to discuss the sale of George's yacht, the Top Secret. I think Nichols said he had a potential buyer." So: The wealthy president of a large security company with CIA ties and one of his board members met with a drug dealer electronics expert and a spook turned arms supplier—and all they discuss is the sale of a boat?

Mycoplasma testing

"Pathogenic Mycoplasma", US Patent No. 5,242,820, issued September 7, 1993. Dr Lo is listed as the Inventor" and the American Registry of Pathology, Washington, DC, is listed as the "Assignee".

The Mycoplasma Registry for Gulf War Illness, S. & 1. Dudley, 303 47th St, J-10 San Diego, CA 92102-5961, tel/fax +1(619) 266 1116, fax (619) 266 1116, email

©2008 Iona Miller is a nonfiction writer for the academic and popular press, hypnotherapist (ACHE) and multimedia artist. She is a participant, not just commentator. Her conspirituality work is an omni-sensory fusion of intelligence, science-art, new physics and emergent paradigm shift, melding many social issues into a new view of society. She is interested in the effects of doctrines from religion, science, psychology, and the arts. Websites: and Her latest writings appear at


June 14, 2001 reporter Jerry Seper wrote a story for the Washington Post that stated:

Accused spy Robert P. Hanssen gave secret U.S. software to his Russian handlers that later went to terrorist Osama bin Laden, allowing him to monitor U.S. efforts to track him down, federal law enforcement officials said.

[PROMIS] developed in the 1980s by a Washington firm, the software originally was designed by Inslaw Inc. to give U.S. attorneys the ability to keep tabs on their caseloads. The program has since been heavily modified and revised. The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, believe Mr. Hanssen, a former FBI agent now awaiting trial on federal espionage charges, delivered upgraded versions of the software to his Russian handlers, who then sold it for $2 million to bin Laden, now being sought in the bombing of two U.S. embassies in Africa. Federal prosecutors have declined comment on the Hanssen case.

But the government charged in its complaint against the former FBI agent that he made extensive use of the bureau's computerized case management systems -- Field Office Information Management Systems (FOIMS) and Community On-Line Intelligence Systems (COINS) -- as part of his espionage activities for his Russian handlers. The government also said Mr. Hanssen gave his handlers a technical manual on the U.S. intelligence community's secure network for online access to intelligence databases. The sources said FOIMS and COINS are believed to be upgraded versions of the Promis software program.